Sunday, July 15, 2007

Things to watch for

Talked with a reserve police officer at my church this Sunday morning and shared with him about our patrol efforts. His suggestions:

(1) definitely let the local LAPD unit know we are out there
(2) trust your instincts about who doesn't seem to belong in the neighborhood
(3) be aware of people or cars who seem to checking out things, people at night who belong in the neighborhood are usually quite purposeful about getting to where they plan to be
(4) be alert to people following cars into underground parking - once in an underground parking lot, a car thief can easily break into several cars and not be observed by anyone

1 comment:

theo said...

Have those thugs who drive a "new" black SUV and take turns pistol whipping people been caught?

I just saw a Black Tahoe w/o plates drive North on Cochran.