Saturday, July 14, 2007

Friday Night Patrol, July 13, 2007 10pm to 12pm

PURSE SNATCH ROBBERY - Cloverdale and Wilshire Blvd @ 1:20am
A man, unknown race, 6'2", wearing a tan performance fleece top and dark pants snatched a woman's purse at Cloverdale and Wilshire. MMSPer Daniel D. heard the woman scream and witnessed the suspect running north on Cloverdale towards 6th street. The LAPD showed up pretty quickly, about 3 minutes by Daniel D's estimation, possibly because they were already patroling the area due to the incident below. It's unknown if the suspect had a weapon.

SUSPICIOUS MAN - 600 block of Cochran Ave @12:15am
Around 12:15am, Rene, Cynthia, and I were walking home in the 600 block of Cochran when we spotted a suspicious looking man. He was about 6 feet tall, Caucasian, handlebar mustache, wearing a black trench coat, pants, shirt and hat. He appeared to be intoxicated, and possibly a vagrant, but he didn't look homeless. He walked south on Cochran and then looked at us, and walked back the way he came, to the north. He then walked west on 6th street on the north side of the street down to Burnside, where he started rifling through the bushes and walked back and forth for about a block, looking in the bushes for something. We called LAPD and continued to follow the man. He noticed us watching him and yelled at us from across the street. He then walked south on Burnside and we lost him around Burnside and Wilshire. LAPD showed up about 3 minutes after we lost him and patrolled the neighborhood. Rene, Cynthia and I split up and walked around the block. Cynthia and Rene were together and spotted the man walking through the Rite-Aid/Smart & Final parking lot. Unfortunately, they lost the man again around Ridgely and Wilshire and by the time Rene told the officers where they saw him, the man disappeared again. At that point the officers continued to patrol but we lost contact with the officers, so I don't know if they found him.

Before the officers, left, they said they were trying to catch a car burglar around Masselin and Wilshire who's been targeting the area and were hoping this was the guy.

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