Sunday, July 15, 2007


The clear skies pushed the heat upward, leaving a cool tinge on my cheeks. Detective Cary and I entered establishment El Toro Cantina. Inside patrons occupied sporadic tables. Cary approached a tall husky gentleman and whispered the password.

The worker nodded and pointed us outside. We were quickly armed with flashlights and proceeded north on Detroit where we saw suspicious activity #1: a dirty paper bag.

We dismissed it and marched systematically until we reached Cochran. Detective Cary's experience spied the numerous failed streetlights. Coincidence or ploy? Having drilled the same scenario repeatedly, Detective Cary and I proceeded with military precision. Pushing forward, we scanned the area with our lights. "Clear!" declared the Detective. We noted this on our notepad and continued.

2301hrs: Southbound on Dunsmuir. I spotted suspicious activity #2. Lights flickered at the side of a building. Cary and I set up satellite outposts and observed a man with a flashlight; rummaging for recyclables. We regrouped and continued on our beat.

2321hrs: Movement in a dark alleyway. Further inspection revealed the culprits; two rats fighting over garbage.

2345hrs: Secret agent Abby called to check in. She had successfully perpetrated a high priority target and obtained the lethal weapons deemed mission critical: fried chicken and cake.

We exchanged secret hand signals and agreed to reconvene in precisely one month.


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dmr said...

BRILLIANTLY HYSTERICAL!!!!! thank you for this. and thanks for the good work you are doing. -denise in wyoming...