Friday, July 6, 2007

how to use?

i'd love it if someone would clarify the responsibilites of the patrol. will they be providing escort service or is the patrol just doing a general walk around and reporting suspicious activity to the police?

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dmr said...

Hi there! We are patrolling around the neighborhood from Hauser to La Brea and Wilshire to Third. We are supposed to report any suspicious activity (keep a pen and paper handy to write down anything) and hopefully, just our presence will deter. However, we also are providing a walking (and some people are providing a driving) escort service. The business cards state that and we want to give those out. Dave is working on having the calls forwarded to whoever is on patrol that night. I don't expect a lot of people will take advantage of this, particularly since we're not operating most nights YET. I say yet because I think we will - eventually have a much bigger patrol and we will provide more escort service to people. peace, -denise