Thursday, June 5, 2008

To our neighbors in Saint Andrews Square, Rampart, Pico Union, Miracle Mile, Koreatown, Country Club Park,,0,878485.story

Time to address the BILLBOARD DISTRICTS along Olympic and Wilshire (St Andrews to Vermont) being proposed by Herb Wesson district 10 and Tom LaBonge.

This will have lasting effect on us all. It deeply effects the hearts and minds of our cities children and youth, and will be surrounding 3 - 6 of our metro trains stations and along our major corradors. What of our historic buildings, our Temples, Churches along Wilshire to be blocked by billboards.

Megatron TV's, billboards, picture Time Square. Imagine the light for renters. We can anticipate them offering small things in return, like a children's or youth program or new sidewalks with .05% of the moneys earned. I will be VERY interested in others research on how much these billboards bring in monthly. For the TV megatrons, are we looking at 50k per month each? Could we eventually be talking about 30 million annually to major land owners big business, and a bit to our council members? Who can help us gather this information? With all or most of that profit going outside of the area, let along the country. All at the expense of our children, youth's quality of life. We need green space, not billboards.

Can you please forward to your committee so we can all join and support the Wilshire Center/Koreatown NEIGHBORS to stop this insanity. The Building sized billboards popping all over are illegal bilboards. No permit has gone thru for these, and there is a moritorium on them. Although approx $150k is set aside for enforcement of illegal signage, no one has acted on this. I think we should charge the major corporations (BMW, SONY, liquor companies) and the owner of the building who is collecting these illegal fees $2,000 each per day, retroactive, and use that money to build a skate board park for our youth, and get those bill boards out of our neighborhoods!

Can we count on a letter from your organization(s) or from you individually ? Might you forward this to those affected ?

Green space not billboards,

Tina Mata

Saint Andrews Square Neighborhood Association

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