Tuesday, June 3, 2008

News Roundup June 3

Controversial plan to grant businesses PPD permits (LA Times)
Neighborhood Council Bill of Rights (CityWatch)
Apartments at Risk of Demolition (Apartments at Risk)
Support for the Expo Line (CityWatch)
History of the Miracle Mile post office building (Curbed)

there is a pop up store and archive for two local designers in the Chateau Burnside building for next week . Its a recession sale and there is a very exciting dollar room and amazing stuff for 5 10 15 dollars filling up a whole one bedroom app. Just to get an idea the sites are labelnyc.com and ankhbyracquel.com they are only sold at the label boutique in NY .Its a once in a lifetime event celebrating hard times with amazing stuff and a way to get to know our neighborhood.

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