Sunday, August 26, 2007

LAT article on 911 and cell phones

Saw this item in the Los Angeles Times.

The reporters studied the challenges of the 911 system having to field so many calls many of which come from cell phones.


dmr said...

WOW, I had no idea. While on patrol, we don't have much choice, but I guess if someone is near their home they should just use their landline. Problem: many people don't even HAVE landlines any longer!

L T said...

When I got mugged, I dialed 911 from my cell phone... I had time to fumble with my keys, unlock the front door of my building, wait for the elevator, take the elevator to the top floor, get into my apartment, and get through to 911 on my land line before anyone picked up. I shudder to think what could've happened if the situation had needed more immediate attention.

dmr said...

I just remembered something: LAPD told us to call the 213-473-0476 or 0558 NOT 911!